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  • The only mask-free respiratory support tool as effective as NIPPV

    Introducing Hi‐VNI® Technology
    by Vapotherm

Hi-VNI® Technology is a breakthrough in respiratory care—
A fast and safe way to provide treatment for undifferentiated respiratory distress with one single tool.


Hi-VNI Technology is trusted by clinicians and supported by a large body of top tier clinical work


The nasal cannula used with Hi-VNI Technology is comfortable for patients and reduces the risks and care complexities associated with mask therapies


Hi-VNI Technology is a front-line tool for respiratory distress—including hypoxia, hypercapnia, and dyspnea

How Hi-VNI Works

Hi-VNI Technology
Efficiently reduces CO2

Adapted from Doshi et al, HVNI in the Treatment of Respiratory Failure, Ann of Emergency Medicine, 2017;1:11.

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Clinical Trial

One Patient's
CHF Experience

Hi-VNI Technology
Redefines the Care Continuum

Backed by strong clinical data, Hi-VNI Technology is proven to help patients with respiratory conditions avoid endotracheal intubation.

The Effectiveness of NIPPV
with the Freedom of a Nasal Cannula

Hi-VNI Technology has a simple nasal cannula

that delivers warm, humidified gas, and doesn’t seal to the face.

While being treated, patients can talk, eat, drink, and take medication.

Technology with Proven Results

Hospitals trust
Hi-VNI Technology
as a vital tool for
respiratory support
1.5 Million
Patients treated for
respiratory distress with
Hi-VNI Technology
Over 18
Years of Vapotherm
innovation supporting
respiratory patients
and providers

UK Sales and Clinical Support

Our sales and clinical support team 
provide education and support to 
assure success. Get ready to improve 
patient care with Hi-VNI Technology.
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