Our range of neonatal products includes the extremely popular Vapotherm High Flow Therapy System, unique neonatal baby warmers and transilluminators and finally specially designed developmental care products.

We work closely with our partners to deliver a high quality of service and support to healthcare customers in the UK.

 Vapotherm; the leading innovator of high flow oxygen therapy takes the science of heating and humidifying breathing gases to a dramatic new level with the creation of Precision Flow®.

The unique technology delivers a perfect synchronization of flow, temperature, humidity and Fi02 . The gas is delivered via nasal cannula to aid comfort for the patient.

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Cuski is a family-owned company that began over 18 years ago with a vision to create the perfect baby comforter, now known as the Cuski Miniboo, which was small enough to hold, soft enough to hold against baby's skin and also fully machine washable allowing it to be used in SCBUs and NICUs all over the world.

18 years on Cuski are still extremely passionate about their products and have since expanded their developmental care range to include Claires nests which aid positioning, Sweet Dreameezz which are used as incubator covers to shade babies from bright lights and finally Mini Swandoodles, specially made bamboo muslin blankets to help with over handling of premature babies.

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Stihler are a highly reputable manufacturer within the medical profession, to such a degree that they are now expanding into neonatal products.

Stihler have recently introduced the Astodia, a new neonatal transilluminator used for finding veins and pneumothorax. They also are global leaders within patient warming and have now extended their range to include the Astopad Baby Warmer.

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Nurtured by Design is a family-owned company that started in 2001 with the birth of Zachary and this was when the 'The Zaky®' was created by his mum.

Nurtured by Design have grown to become pioneers in designing comprehensive ergonomic devices that actively engage parental instinct to help babies develop, grow, and heal.

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Vygon manufacture a variety of medical products and equipment, some of which are leaders within the neonatal market.

Neosafe is one of their most successful neonatal products, as this specially designed needle is a much safer method of venipuncture for both practitioner and baby.

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